The Title Holder Program

Includes a City Representative in each of the following categories:

  1. Little Miss Calgary
  2. Junior Miss Calgary
  3. Miss Teen Calgary
  4. Miss Calgary
  5. Mrs. Calgary
  6. Miss Universe Canada (Provincial)

What does a title holder do?

The Role of a Title Holder:

  1. To Represent our Great City, its landmarks and festivals
  2. To Advocate for Calgary’s many charities
  3. To participate in Calgary’s parades, events, media
  4. To give speeches when required
  5. A title holder is always a Positive, Punctual, Participatory Role Model who conducts herself with Grace and Poise

Not your Basic Beauty Pageant

Every year Patti Falconer Agencies hosts the infamous Little Miss Calgary(ages 6 to 9)and Junior Miss Calgary(ages 10 to 14) pageants. The pageants are held at the Evergreen Theatre in Mayland Heights, and are designed to boost confidence and improve stage skills in young girls.

Despite how the title may sound, Patti Falconer has stated that “This is not a beauty pageant in the traditional sense”. Beauty is a small part and the judges want to see who you really are and don’t just look for a pretty face. A lot of people also stress about having a talent. The talent portion is optional, and you don’t get a score for it. The talent is just to have fun!Little Miss

There are some things that you get a score for. You have to have prepared a brief introduction about yourself which can include your name, age and anything else you would like to share about yourself. You will also have to write a speech about any topic of your choice. Two dresses or outfits are required, one for your introduction, which is casual, and the other of which they will be able to walk across the stage with and show off to the judges. Before the pageant there will be two interviews held where the judges will really get to know the girls. According to Patti Falconer, the scores are given depending on the amount of judges and the performance of the girl.

When the pageant is finished, there is lots of fun to come. If you so happen to be crowned as the winner, you have the opportunity go out to all sorts of different events and meet the lovely people of the City of Calgary. Jr MissSome of these events include Stampede breakfasts, various parades, store openings, charity events

and so on. The current winners are Mikayla Petraschuk(Little Miss, top) and Linea Mullen(Junior Miss, right). Congratulations to all past, present and future winners.

If your daughter wishes to compete in this fun-filled event, give Patti Falconer a call at (403) 249-8222 or drop her an email at If you wish to meet with her in person, her office is at 2523 – 17th Avenue SW Calgary, T3E 0A2.

“Winners are not people who never fail, but people who never quit”- Unknown

Written By: Chiara Petersen – (Little Miss Calgary 2015 and 1st Runner Up for Jr Miss Calgary 2017)

Title Holder Speech for Advocacy:

Good Evening Ladies & Gentlemen,

What an exciting evening this is!

Two twinkly crowns and 2 satin sashes await 2 VERY lucky winners!!
A busy year of wonder, glamour, appearances, advocacy and service lies ahead.

It’s not often you hear service and crown in the same sentence ,,,, BUT being a title holder is not all tiaras and parades!! – although,,,, – that IS a highlight!!
Each title holder – Little Miss, Junior Miss, Miss Teen, Miss Calgary and Mrs Calgary can attend upwards of 100 events together or alone – over the course of the year – with Advocacy as the main focus.

Many have a platform or a favored charity that they endorse. Some champion a personal project as I did with my Teen Leukemia Beanie campaign ((which I encourage you to view and donate to at the end of the pageant!!))

The Patti Falconer title holder program is more than a pageant – it is a priceless opportunity which opens new avenues for making a difference – often inciting the media to propel the great need for service and support in Calgary.

It is a program which places the needs of others first, a program which has successfully produced confidently poised leaders in 5 differing age categories for over ***years. A program I am honored to be a part of.

When you congratulate the winners tonight please remember their win does not merely give them a banner to hang on their wall – but a new opportunity which will hopefully reveal a banner well worn and tattered from a year of successful service.

Thank you.

Speech by: Brooke Jensen