The Legacy Continues

It is with sadness that we announce the passing of Patti Falconer.  Successful business executive, woman of distinction, entrepreneur, single parent and model. Patti’s star burned brightly for 77 years. In the words of someone less famous “the show must go on”.

The Patti Falconer Agency remains strong and vibrant with over 300 models and actors.

Continuing under the direction of Alexander Bennett Falconer and Robert Bruce Falconer, the Patti Falconer Model and Talent Agencies is proud to lead the industry in best practices, integrity and respect.

Building on 50 years in business her sons will continue the legacy of educating and representing models and actors in Calgary and Western Canada

In lieu of flowers, please send your donations in her name to theTom Baker Cancer Centre.

For further information, please contact Sandy Larson and Connie Harvie at Patti Falconer Agencies  403-249-8222 or via e-mail at