Faces West 2017

TEAM – Patti Falconer Agencies

We are proud of the models and actors that competed in this years International Model and Talent Competition in Vancouver. Forty talented PFM team members – ranging in age from 7 to 45+.

Review by Jacqueline Drew

Well, I’m sitting at the Airport about to board the flight, and just wanted to say:

Thank you for the amazing experience of Faces West!  As a pretty fearless woman in many walks of life, I actually learned a lot about myself through this and loved the challenge of it!  It stretched me to project greater strength and power, and find new sides of my personality.  I was also inspired by the many young men and women I met and to see how this has contributed to their ability to exude confidence and  presence. Charles Stuart and Amrit are the real deal, and certainly showed they truly care about the people they promote, whether young, old, curvy, thin, tall or short.

What a confidence boost!!   I will walk prouder and straighter for the rest of my life, I am sure.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!   This is a wonderful gift to everyone you represent, and I am so proud to have really seen it all in full technicolour!